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Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching assignments range from short-term immediate interventions to longer-term, ongoing relationships. Whether we are working with a valued employee the company wants to retain, a high potential employee or a recently hired or promoted individual, we customize the process to meet the needs of the sponsoring organization as well as the challenges facing the individual client.

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Accelerating Team Development

Our services for teams vary as much as the teams we work with. It is our philosophy that there is no off-the-shelf team building program that will fill all the needs of any given team. Whatever the presenting issue is, we work closely with team leaders to diagnose the true issues and coach them and their teams to success.

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New Leader Assimilation

Transition and turnover in leadership are prevalent in the corporate world. Frequently, it can take as long as six months for new leaders to become fully effective in their new positions. Based on this need, MCG has a process for improving the entry of a new leader. The goal is to dramatically reduce the period of uncertainty and instability for the leader, his/her team and key stakeholders that are normally associated with a change in leadership.
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Leadership and Management Development Training

We customize training programs for new managers, emerging leaders, team leaders and experienced leaders.  Typically the training is modular and takes place over a 6-12 month period of time.  We work closely with our clients to define the objectives and customize the modules to fit their unique needs and outcome goals.

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Expert Facilitation

We are frequently asked to design and facilitate (or just facilitate) senior leader meetings.  We listen carefully to our clients’ needs and objectives and provide input accordingly.  We are thoroughly versed in group dynamics and are expert at getting participants to open up, ask questions and ensure productive and effective meetings.

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