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Transition and turnover in leadership are prevalent in the corporate world. Frequently, it can take as long as 4-5 months for new leaders to become fully effective in their new positions. During this timeframe, organizational continuity can suffer leading to decisions that are postponed or made without adequate information, communications that are misunderstood, roles that are unclear and stress that is caused by anxiety over the change.

Based on this need, MCG has a process for improving the entry of a new leader. A process to reduce the period of uncertainty and instability normally associated with a change in leadership.

This process will:

  • Allow new leaders to move into their organizations move efficiently and effectively

  • Allow team members to get to know their new leader by asking key questions and tell the new leader what they want her/him to know about them

  • Establish critical working relationships with key personnel

  • Accelerate the effectiveness of the organization by providing an opportunity for a team to work together with their new leader to identify major goals and discuss priority issues

  • Identify and manage any potential problems or issues that could have an impact on job performance

  • Dramatically shorten the start-up time and learning curve for new leaders in new positions or roles.

Depending upon the complexity of the situation, the process can be as brief as a one-day session with the new leader and his/her team or it could be a more extended process that would include peers, direct reports and the new boss. This process is very beneficial not only for the new leader but for everyone who participates.


Accelerating the integration of a new executive into a new company culture…
Assignment was to provide in-depth feedback and coaching for a new, dynamic, brash go-getter who had been hired from a major consulting firm. This new director quickly found himself in career trouble as his aggressive characteristics did not fit the established company culture. After much reflection, and an in-depth new leader assimilation workshop, he decided the new company was in fact where he wanted to be and successfully modified his behavior. He was subsequently promoted to Vice President. He still speaks his mind but does so in a way that establishes cooperation while respecting others in the process.


What Clients Say:


"Thank you once again for facilitating a very productive introductory leader integration with my new leadership team. I find the summary you put together to be reflective of the dialogue and want you to know that after the session the team was very complimentary of you as well as shared with me that they found the session of value and look forward to continued work with you (as the team) on this subject”.


- Director, Field Medical Sciences - Major Pharmaceutical Company

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