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We are frequently asked to design and facilitate (or just facilitate) senior leader meetings.  We listen carefully to our clients’ needs and objectives and provide input accordingly.  We are thoroughly versed in group dynamics and are expert at getting participants to open up, ask questions and ensure productive and effective meetings.

Some examples of our work:

  • While working with one client for 12 years in three different positions, Matteson Consulting Group helped client’s leadership teams to design and shape the culture of each organization, including vision, mission and values.  Also helped to strengthen each leadership team by facilitating various team and leadership development modules.

  • Brought a highly scientific, dysfunctional, multi-cultural, multi-organizational senior team together (with no official leader) to discuss their issues and help provide a constructive path forward. Objectives were to help the team to be more forthright regarding issues arising that interfered with collaboration effectiveness, understand the genesis of the issues and develop agreements to move forward in a more effective way.

  • Partnered with long-term client to diagnose needs, design and deliver 3-day Leadership Lab meetings for top 50 managers 5 years running.

  • Designed and facilitated 25 person meeting with people from 18 countries to discuss lessons learned from an unsuccessful global clinical trial.

  • Facilitated owners of small business to re-design their organization and define roles and responsibilities.

  • Facilitated leadership teams to jointly discuss talent and succession planning and provide constructive feedback to each other on their colleagues’ direct reports.

  • Helped plan, design and facilitate numerous senior leadership meetings for key clients.

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