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Our services for teams vary as much as the teams with which we work. It is our philosophy that there is no off-the-shelf teambuilding program that will fill all the needs of any given team. Often, there is disagreement in understanding the priorities for developing a team. Some team leaders are concerned with such problems as improving workflow, setting priorities or holding more effective meetings. Others see the prime purpose of teambuilding as improving relationships between team members.  Whatever the presenting issue is, we work closely with team leaders to diagnose the true issues and coach them and their team to success.

A description of our team development process follows:

Assessing Needs/Commitment

A true consultative approach is utilized to ascertain whether or not a team development process is the answer to the problem. There are times when an interpersonal conflict with one or two persons is the real issue and a team development intervention may not be the most appropriate solution.

Data Collection

We gather as much data as possible from team members prior to designing a team development session. We know from experience that team members' perspectives often are very different than the team leader perspective.

Identifying and Establishing Objectives and Outcome Goals

A critical step in the process is to establish and agree upon realistic objectives and outcome goals for the intervention. All too often, the expectation is that a one-day program will solve all of a team's problems.  Program design options will be developed, discussed and agreed to by the client.


A typical start to a team development process would be 1½ - 2 days with all team members present. Off-site interventions are much more effective and are strongly recommended. Follow-up sessions are critical to the overall success of the process.  Some modules could include:

  • Establishing the Common Purpose of the Team      

  • Essentials for Effective Team Operations

  • How Our Styles Work Together and How They Don’t Using MBTI or DISC

  • Building Trust with the Johari Window

  • Providing Feedback in a Team Environment

  • Can the Team Survive a Serious Disaster Simulation?

  • Managing Conflict in the Team

  • Establishing Operating Agreements

  • Team Goals and Metrics


Accelerating team performance and productivity…
The client felt the need to ensure its U.S. operation understood the overall mission of the global organization and how it impacted them. The client also wanted to get input from the top 30 people on how to achieve their local priorities. We conducted a two-day off site to review overall vision, mission and strategy. We quickly gained input on all priorities from everyone by utilizing a NASA-based round robin process. Task force teams established initial plans to address priorities. These teams are still operating and the company continues to exceed their profit expectations.


What Our Clients Say

“I have worked with Suzanne for 12 years while in three different positions.  She has helped my leadership teams and me to design and shape the culture of each organization, including our vision, mission and values.  She has also helped to strengthen the teams by facilitating various team and leadership development modules.


She has been an excellent advisor to me and acts as a sounding board for almost everything I do from an organization development standpoint.  Suzanne is an excellent listener, asks thought provoking questions and frequently thinks of things that I had not considered.  I highly recommend her.”

    - Senior Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Major biopharma company

"Many thanks for customizing the teambuilding workshop for our team. You facilitated a highly productive session, and taught us what we need to know to make further progress on our own. And, your skill in adapting the agenda on the fly was put to great use!"

- Vice President, World-leading Technology Firm

"The first morning my team was as dysfunctional as ever but by the end of the day we were making real progress and finally beginning to communicate with each other. We now know how to speak to each other candidly and provide feedback in a way in which our colleagues can hear it and accept it."

 - Research Director, Major Pharmaceutical Company


A quote from a VP of HR, "Wayne told me what a great job you did for him and his team. He was very happy and extremely impressed.  He’s never seen such strong teambuilding …..  yeah for you and us!!!!"  



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